Our Greatest battle plan…

I believe that most of us can attest to the truth that the greatest warfare is with the faith and trust that God has so graciously given us. God has a future and plan for each one of us. Everybody is included in that plan as Spirit-filled believers in Jesus Christ. We all are members of the body of Church–the church–and God has surely not forgotten His own children, and Jesus has not forgotten his very own bride!!! 

I believe the Lord Jesus has been speaking to me about my faith because of the fact that you have to see with your faith into the invisible realm for your life. A lot of times we may not see our future blessing. We have to “believe” in the best for our lives and not for the worst. How boring would it be if we could see our futures. We would have nothing to look forward to in the realm of God’s marvelous light.  A lot of time is spent worrying about our future. If we look for the dark side of things it will be more easier seen.   We have to flip those dark clouds and see the sunlight of God’s promises in faith!!!  We have to fight to trust God!!!

We need to look deep to find the faith and trust in the supernatural fulfillment of our gifts and callings.   You know Noah did not see that massive boat he built with his own eyes but by faith and He had to put total trust in the plan of God. God enabled him to see with the eyes of great faith that finished product. He trusted God even when HE didn’t know what and why He was doing it…By faith He was moved by the words that God spoke to him.

Noah believed what God said and trusted in His plan and God gave him the faith and ability to build the Ark.  

Just like Noah, you and I have been given great grace and faith, and you know the only one who doesn’t want us to really know about that faith is satan!   He will fight us tooth and nail to keep us stranded and stumped in the visible realm. We have to see with our spiritual eyes through faith…God has great things for your life, but satan thrives on doubt and discouragement to spoil your the plans God has for you.

I am here to say don’t give up on your life and the plans that God has purposed in your heart! God has given us great promises in His word, and He will perform what He set out to do.  

Published by Richard T Hicks

Christian Freelance writer and blogger with a passion to lift Jesus high!!

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