Walking in Courage

For many years, I lived paralyzed in fear.  Often times, I think about those times and I wondered “why?” because I really and truly did not want to live that way.  I wanted to live and have a full and happy life.  There are just some things I just didn’t understand or have the answers. After 3 severe mental breakdowns, satan made sure that I had given up on moving forward. Just living from day to day seemed very difficult and tough to see any future in sight for me. I was unsure of which way to go.  all I could see was the end of the road.  It seemed as if that I could not rise above the cloudiness of life. As a result, I lived a very isolated and reclusive lifestyle. I resigned to a life of deep depression and loneliness. But still deep within me was a still and silent determination to keep going from day to day and not give up and make it through those tough days. I just knew that if I had a chance I would indeed take it. I needed to rise up and out of my situation if or when I saw any glimmer of a chance.

Finally, after many years of living like this, with the God Almighty’s help, I was able to break through with God’s supernatural strength to make a quality decision that I was not going to let fear rule my life any more. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  It was on that day that I stood firm and moved forward in courage. I can tell you that I have never been the same since. It was by far the most difficult and yet liberating time in my life. There are times when I still struggle with that fear but not as bad. I learned to overcome fear by moving out in courage even when I was afraid. It took a great act of courage that had a powerful “domino effect” of moving from one faith moment to the next.

Courage is the deep quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to “daily” face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear. Opposition and hard times will come into our lives.  We cannot get around it. Those obstacles will attempt to break us. Are we going to let these detriments determine our future, or are we going take the ground that is rightfully belongs to us? The last thing we need to do is procrastinate and allow fear to stifle us. To move out in faith can be as tough or difficult as we make it. Delaying what we know to do only makes it harder to do. When its time for us to move as God prompts us, we need to move!!!

How we react during those times of fear will define us. We are all at different stages of our lives. What may be difficult for one person may be easy for another.  We should not judge others until we have walked in their shoes, we have no clue what that person has gone through.

What I am here to tell you is that you don’t have to live in fear, or loneliness or isolation any longer. You can have a good life with God at your side.  I pray that you take those steps of faith in courage that will lead you out of fear. It is going to be awkward and fearful at first.  God wants you to step out of  your comfort zone to a place where you are no longer fearful to live your life!!

“The more you walk in courage the less you walk in fear.”  

There are many doubts to be afraid of, but God knows where you are and what you are capable of. He is on your side no matter what you are going through.  

Maybe you are scared to walk into those areas God has for you.  You know that God has promised you things and HE will make a way.   What I do know is that the enemy of your soul does not want you to walk in courage.  He would like nothing else but for you to sit around and procrastinate your life away. God has made a way to bring you out of whatever situation that is bringing you down.  

Father I pray for the people who read this. They have isolated their lives and they have no one. Help them to move out in faith, whether it’s one step or a leap from one level of their live to the next. Help them to turn to you and take your lead. You set a great example for us Jesus, help us to walk in your footsteps as the Holy Spirit leads us.  You want us to have a abundant life. Let it be so and help us to do those things that seem impossible to us, in Your holy name we pray, AMEN!!

Published by Richard T Hicks

Christian Freelance writer and blogger with a passion to lift Jesus high!!

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