More Power to Ya

The Holy Spirit is a very important part of our life as a Christian.  A true believer is filled with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. I believe that it is a daily supernatural infilling.  Ephesians 5:18 states that we should be filled with the Holy Spirit. In that same scripture it makes mention of being drunk on wine.  Acts 2:4 says there were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. Verse 13 states that some of the people who witnessed this thought they were drunk with new wine. I really do not think this is a coincidence.  We can be intoxicated with many things and not only alcohol…you name it. Our bodies are temples that house the Holy Spirit if we allow ourselves to have that wonderful experience.

How do you get filled with the Holy Spirit? You ask God to fill you, then you wait for it.  While you are waiting, I suggest that expect it and stand on the promises that the word says especially in Acts 2.  There are so many ways to fill the void in our life, but until you experience the infilling of the Holy Spirit it may make you feel incomplete and useless.  The Lord has a mighty calling on your life, but you need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit…He will give you the utterance—the ability to talk in a heavenly language. This is a true sign that you have been completely sealed in the Holy Spirit.

I don’t know if Jesus spoke in tongues or not, it doesnt mention it in the word of God. But the deciples experienced this first hand. Once you start speaking its just like a baby learning to talk, you are talking and praising God spirit to spirit. If you don’t believe in the Holy Spirit then I pray that you are made into a believer.

The power of the Holy Spirit can help your relationship with God, for that power is a direct line to the supreme deity of heaven and earth! I believe that by the power of the Holy Spirit we put on the armor of God.  Ephesians 6 reminds us that that He gives us strength through the power of the Holy Spirit to stand firm against the attacks of the enemy that does not want us to experience this mighty infilling of God.  We were never made to resist the things of this world in our own power, we will fail every time. 

It is time for you to stop playing games and get serious about God.  We have to submit to the Holy Spirits power, and then we will walk in it, and stop the devil and demons in their tracks. It is very important to know that we have to a fight to fight and thats not going to happen unless we are in sync with the Spirit of God!! So many are not fighting because they do not think they need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Do not resist the Holy Spirit.  Allow Him access of your soul and body!

There were some mighty things that happened at the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We should not be looking only at the cross or the grave as if Jesus died and is buried.  Yes He was crucified on the cross dying for you and for me. He was buried in the tomb, and He was resurrected from the grave.

Jesus was raised from the dead and is sitting at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. HE is the great intercessor, the Holy Spirit helps us, enables us to connect with Jesus in a tangible way through praying in the Spirit!  This is a exciting time for  us, we need all that that Father has for us….

Have a great day!

May He hold you close to His heart,

Richard T Hicks

Published by Richard T Hicks

Christian Freelance writer and blogger with a passion to lift Jesus high!!

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