It’s All about the Grace

We need a deep awakening of God’s grace…a fresh infilling…a new perspective of the reality of God’s merciful divine favor. I tell you that we can experience all that Jesus experienced here on this earth and even more.

We can experience all He is now where He is seated on the right hand of the Father.  We can take ahold of that authority and position our lives as kings and priests of the Most High God of heaven and earth.

God’s grace goes beyond the surface of any situation. For it reaches deep within into our very soul and makes a heart of stone into a soft and submitted heart. He can soften the hardest part and our Almighty Potter can mold us and make us after His will. Are you ready for that grace? Its not hard to find.

That grace goes beyond the veil and leads us through to the intimacy of the mercy seat, where God Almighty dwells cleansing and enabling us to see with His eyes through the spirit of humility. We need to spend some time in the holy place where God abides and receive that manifested grace from the Holy Spirit.

God didn’t bring us into this world to live miserably and to let us die alone and be judged at the end of days. He brought us into being from the foundations of the earth for a supreme purpose and destiny.

Jesus longs for us to daily yield and submit our lives to His Holy Spirit.  He longs to  have a relationship with us.   Its not all about rules and regulations, and do’s and don’ts. It all about the grace of Jesus bonding within our soul bringing us into that sacred place..His Spirit living and moving through us.

Our destiny is to have the life of Jesus flowing through our body.  It is not about us but about Jesus. Jesus gave His life away to give us life. Without abiding in Jesus, joy and happiness fades away. He is the keeper of our truth joy, happiness and peace. It can only be found in His unending grace. That fountain, that living water that delivers our soul and makes us whole.

Grace frees us from sin. Its not our excuse to sin but it gives us the ability to say no to sin.  His grace

sustains us giving us the ability to stand firm against the enemy of our souls.

Satan does not want us to have a clear understanding of that. He wants to cloud our vision of who we are in Christ right now in this moment.  The enemy of our souls does NOT want to have a relationship with God. He wants to live defeated and full of sin.

“Deliver us from the clutches of all evil and cleanse us from the stains of habitual sin oh grarcious Lord Jesus!!”

I believe we are living in the ends times. No one knows the day or time of that last trumpet sound. All that is going on around us we need to protection of God’s holy angels.  

Father in Heaven, I pray that you awaken us to hear Your voice. Help us to grasp the reality of the presence of your grace.  Take us beyond the norm into Your supernatural Spirit realm. Help us to see and understand your message to us individually to be your vessels of glory to share the message of grace to those in our everyday lives. Come Holy Spirit, sent from Our Gracious Father fill us with all that you are in Jesus name we humbly ask and  pray, AMEN.

Published by Richard T Hicks

Christian Freelance writer and blogger with a passion to lift Jesus high!!

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