Taking the Horns of The Altar

 I sense in my spirit that the Holy Spirit is calling us into a deeper fervency of intercession and expectation.  It is quite more than saying a prayer here and there.   I believe God is desiring us to be passionate and specific. What I mean by deeper intercession is “taking the horns of the altar of prayer and not letting go until the forces of heaven come upon the scene.” Grabbing the horns of the altar is where a explosive transaction takes place between heaven and earth. The right kind of prayer is where humble people do serious business with God sober and vigilantly!!  There is no other way for us as Christians to pray. God desires to hear more from us than some little mousy prayer. He wants to pray with all our heart and soul.

     I had to do some studying on this phrase, “Taking the horns of the Altar.”   I had always heard the saying but I wanted to get a better understanding and vision for this statement.  In the Old Testament there is a certain piece of furniture in the tabernacle of Moses referred to as a bronze or brazen altar. It is located inside the courtyard upon entering the gate of the tabernacle. The altar has 4 bronze horns on each corner, and it sets on a dirt mound.  All the worshipers had access to this altar as well as fugitives finding it a safe place of refuge. The altar was a place for burning sacrifices.  It showed the Israelite’s that the first step for sinful man to approach a holy God was to be cleansed by the blood of a innocent creature.  The horns of the brazen altar also shows Gods mercy. It is a place of refuge where a man who was accused of a crime could run there for safety grabbing hold of one of these horns.  We see this story of  Adonijah one of King Davids sons took hold of the horns of the altar after He tried to talk the place of King Solomon.  (See: 1 Kings 50)

In our spirits we must come to the brazen altar and grab hold of the horns as a sign to our great God Jehovah, that we are not giving up on our petitions.  We will not let go — pleading to God to let us see the fruit of our fiery prayers come to pass. The “fervent prayers” of a righteous avail much.

The devil is having a field day in our government, in our towns and schools, and in our churches, in our marriages, even in our own personal lives.. 

    I hear God saying “Where do you draw the line and say No More? How much will us as born again believers allow the enemy to come and take things out of our hands? It is time to take those things that we truly value back out of his hands and fight for them.

     You might be saying you have been in this place. It is time and you know it to lay down your stubborn and prideful hearts to intercede like never before. Now is the time and You are the intercessor of the hour!  Do not wait for someone else, that someone else is You…It is late in the day, can you hear the shofar in this distance. Awaken bride and talk your rightful place!!!  

Published by Richard T Hicks

Christian Freelance writer and blogger with a passion to lift Jesus high!!

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