Crucified Power

I bear the heaviness of my cross

as I walk that mile up Calvary’s Hill.  

I hear them yelling “Crucify Him!” 

I feel their spit and their spite.   

Then I am plunged in the hot air 

I feel the painful strains of my flesh being torn apart, 

as my cross is put on that hill 

I bow my head in shame…  

I want to live yet I yearn to die

that cross has laid me bare. 

Yet I know those all-consuming words, 

“Forgive them they not know what they do.”

It is finished it is done why do I feel forsaken.

For those I love I was made a curse, 

and hung upon that tree….

not spared but die in the darkness for all the world to see.

That dark and empty tomb

I was buried

no one knew the truth

nor conceived the fact,

that I would be back

But then that resurrection power,

came in that tomb with such force

It awakened my lifeless body

glorified by the Father’s mighty power

The Holy Spirit gave me life

for all the world to see

I’m now seated with my father

and satan is finally under my feet.

How I sing with joy, 

dancing around his throne.

I am home now

everything is done.

Published by Richard T Hicks

Christian Freelance writer and blogger with a passion to lift Jesus high!!

One thought on “Crucified Power

  1. Richard, This is a very powerful piece and really captures what our Lord went through on our behalf. Praise God that it truly is finished and nothing else needs to be done to secure our home with Jesus and the Father. All we need to do is to allow Him to embrace us; listen to His still small voice and be willing to obey what ever He tells us to do.


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