Time to Talk to Martha

Luke chapter 10 tells us the story about when two sisters opened their home to Jesus as He traveled with His disciples. It is true that Martha had a servants heart who was busy making sure the company was comfortable. Yet Mary lingered at the Master’s feet and listened as He spoke of Holy scriptures.

Martha speaks to Jesus, “Tell Mary to help me, I am tired and can not do the work by myself. “

Jesus replies to Martha, “You are upset and worried about many things but only one thing is needed in this moment, and what Mary has chosen to do is better and it should not be taken away from her.”

If you ever go away with knowing one thing about me is that I have a heart much like Mary’s. I am a man after the heart of the Father. I love to worship and a big majority of my time alone consists of me listening to worship music. I have always had a love for music because it not only calms me but brings me closer to the heart of Jesus.

Just like Mary I have set at the feet of Jesus, its the one place I have basked in His presence…I believe Jesus has done a great work in my heart as I have learned to lingered in His grace. That is what my whole grace message is about, is the ability we have go beyond the veil into the Most Holy Place and worship before the throne of God.

I believe we all can learn a great lesson from the story of Martha and Mary in the Bible, and yes this goes for men too. God looks at the heart most of all. It doesn’t matter if we are male or female. God desires us all to come to his feet; be in the atmosphere of His Presence and listen to what He has to say, because that is very important for us as believers…to KNOW JESUS and LISTEN to HIS voice!!!

Martha, “Its okay to work (serve), but not to the place that it becomes a distraction and a hindrance. Your minds tend to work in overdrive all the time. If you don’t take a much needed break then you will experience burnout!”

Hey Martha…”Your mind is what needs the most attention!!! Your heart is overrun by worries about tomorrow to make sure things are taken care of and in order. Yes order has its own time and place. But it is about that time to take a much needed spiritual break. Just trust in Jesus and allow things to fall into place.”

“There is nothing wrong with having a “servants heart.” If we didn’t have hearts like Martha who would serve? I really believe God is calling the Martha’s to put down their agenda’s. Their busyness and just be with Jesus. He wants to speak clearly to those who are tired and weary. There is nothing wrong with taking a much needed break from the way we are living in this fast paced world. Even believers can get busy, and not take care of the most important things like taking time to bask in the presence of Jesus.

Have a very Blessed Sunday Martha 🙂 I am sure that Jesus knows who I am speaking to!! I am just a vessel with a big message!!! May God search your heart today and speak to you.


Love in Jesus,

Richard T Hicks

Published by Richard T Hicks

Christian Freelance writer and blogger with a passion to lift Jesus high!!

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