To Forgive or Not?

Though the seasons change, God does not change one bit. He is still a great big God and so loving and so kind…He will always be faithful and true. If we would just turn our hearts over to Him and not reject him.

We cant blame him our whole lives. we have to let go of the past and let healing grow. We have the memories of yesterday as scars. Some days we get reminded of those things that happened to us. Maybe a bad childhood, or teenage years or perhaps a bad marriage…

We cant hate God for whatever happened in our lives. We have to let go of the hate and forgive those who betrayed us or abused us. Maybe this message will help you turn that page….I can see the next chapter could be entitled forgiveness. I have had to forgive a lot of people in my life to find the healing I needed. But you know what? I am very glad I didn’t hold a lifetime grudge…

A person has bad things happen in those seasons. God has not changed he is a good ABBA who wants to hold you and cradle you in his healing arms. Its time for someone to let go of the grudges you have lived with and allow those words come from your lips, you know the ones “I forgive you.”

It may be more than one situation and circumstance. You will never get the healing you need if you do not let go of the anger and hatred you have for those people who have mistreated you.

I don’t think I need to quote scriptures on this subject. I will say this if you are a true born again believer, there should be no room in your heart for hate resentment or grudges, God gives us a spirit willing to forgive. Let God deal with those people who have done you wrong.

Write those names and situations down. Let the Holy Spirit guide you in His awesome way. There should no hidden room inside your soul to harbor or bitterness. Forgiveness is not selective either. As a Christian we should forgive all. God will give you the compassion and empathy you need.

Some of those people will be alive. Write them a letter, send them a email. God may move on you to visit someone. Some of you may have to visit graveyards…whatever you have to do to say, “I forgive you.”

Forgiveness is not a feeling that should come over you…Healing is. Allow God’s healing to flood your soul as you let go of bitterness and hate. I am 56 years old and been a Christian since I was 18, I’m well aware of unforgiveness and bitterness in my heart. you might as well put hate in the mix you cant leave it out. You eventually have to let unforgiveness go, it will eat your lunch…I have been on the other end as well. I am sure there are people who have had to forgive me as well. I have hurt people and for that I am truly sorry. I live with regrets in my life and can only pray that God will take over those lives, that forgiveness that God will flow into those I have hurt. Divorce is very hurtful and painful. God does mend the hurt and pain if you allow Him to do so.

My prayers are with you who read this very sober message on forgiveness. We should not hate. What the devil orchestrated for your destruction God has done greater and will continue to bless you with a total healing in your heart and soul

In His grip,


Standing is his grace,

Richard T Hicks

Published by Richard T Hicks

Christian Freelance writer and blogger with a passion to lift Jesus high!!

2 thoughts on “To Forgive or Not?

  1. Forgiveness, true forgivenss is one of the hardest things a Christian will ever do — I believe that forgiveness is a process. It is not something that happens just because we say certain words. It needs to start with a willingness in one”s heart followed by words but it needs to be followed up by what ever actions the Holy Spirit impresses upon us to do. Then one often will have to be willing to forgive again and again. Especially with a family member offenses can be repeated and scenarios complicated. We have to be willing to make it a life-time quest to be willing to daily forgive those who daily (sometimes) do and say things to hurt us. “70 X 70” the scriptures say.
    This is hard for me but I need to go to the Lord and ask again for Him to supply me with Grace toward the other person and the realization that God forgives me over and over again.
    Thank you for writing this because currently I am struggling with forgiving familly members who seem to want to keep me and my son trapped in a life-style we hate and they were (in my eyes) deceiptful about the situation we are now in making it seem like we would have choicei that they have since taken off of the table.
    Oh, Lord have mercy on us all and work in the details of this situation for I don’t think I can stand much more of this.
    Somemtimes I feel like I would rather die…
    Lord, forgive me for my wrong thinking and attitude. Please help my unbelief for right now a miracle seems so far away from happening in my son’s and my life.
    I know I need to keep praying and turn this over to Jesus completely. Why is this so hard?

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  2. I think for a lot of us God will grant a willing forgiving heart. It may start by putting it in prayer….”Father, I forgive so and so for whatever they did.” He needs to hear and see forgiveness within our hearts because look at the sins that He has forgiven us for.

    Do we necessarily have to go to this person or that person? Sometimes no, we don’t have to unless the Holy Spirit unction’s us to do so… I know that family members are the hardest to forgive and the hardest to love!!

    Thank you Jesus…I speak your name into every heart and life who reads this message…


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