Standing Strong in His Grace

There I was a skinny runt of a white guy in the ninth grade running back and forth from court to court on a basketball day in P.E. class. I was amidst eighteen or so other black guys of all shapes and sizes and one other pudgy white guy. The black guys were actually playing a basketball game. I had to have seen basketball on television but didn’t know lick split about exactly how to play the game!! It just seemed like they were fighting for the ball!!

Yes me and the other white guy was running back and forth, but not getting in the way of the other guys…who were taking all this very seriously!!

The next moments seem to move in slo-motion.

You know like when the bionic man moved in super-human speed.

The ball ended up in my hands! How? Why me?? I haven’t a clue…

Everything and everyone froze in time…

I tossed the ball way back from the free throw line and hooped the ball in the basket.

You just should have been there!!

All the guys were amazed and I don’t remember what they were cheering at that exact moment, but I got a lot of pats on the back.

As the game proceeded…I didn’t. The basketball was tossed to me a couple of times but no more baskets and my one fleeting minute in time was frozen in time for the next thirty something years. One minute of fame and glory captured in time for me to remember and laugh my head off as I think back about that moment in time.

I wonder how many of you can think of those amazing frozen minutes etched in time? Those times that seemed like you was exactly in the right time and place? Doesn’t everything in life seem so uphill, and you cant go back to that exact second and how if you could go back you would change it?

All we can change is right here and now. You can never go back into the past and change it…The word says our life is like a vapor in James 4:14. Here today and gone tomorrow is so true. We have to make the most of the time where we are “right now.”

What is done is done. You can not change anything. If you had only one day to live what would you do? Would you keep doing the same thing you did yesterday. We have to learn to grow where we are planted and sometimes I know in my case I have been replanted for what reason only God knows.

My life is sort of “beginning again.” I have been full circle two times now and back in the same place. I have changed and I have grown in the Lord I believe so. It is sad though, to think that I have been through two divorces. I don’t think I will get married again but who knows what tomorrow will hold. Once again I am attempting to start at ground zero as well in regards to finding a church home. Im not fighting to stay employed now a days, but who know what doors God will open. He is still with me, protecting and urging me forward with my life. I opened my eyes again to a new day in Jesus. I will praise the Lord while I have my fingers to type and a breath to breathe in His Holy Spirit. For me sometimes life seems like a series of choices. We all need to pray that HE will help us make the right ones? Amen.

I think I will throw a few hoops today. What about you?

Standing Strong in His Grace,


Richard T Hicks

Published by Richard T Hicks

Christian Freelance writer and blogger with a passion to lift Jesus high!!

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