Extended Prayer Canopy

As I was praying tonight, I felt instructed to pray and intercede a canopy over my physical and spiritual family, that GOD will watch over them, protecting them and their health. I as well interceded for my area and the areas that my extended family lives in.

I want to encourage you to pray a canopy over your loved ones no matter where they live. I fully believe in healing and believe that God’s hand can cover limitless areas if we pray and believe praying in faith.

I am also reminded of the scripture that we are to be…wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Use wisdom and faith in your everyday walk. They doesn’t mean not to wash your hands and not use disinfectant. It means to not give up or give in to what the news is saying and all the negative being said on the internet.

I don’t know about you but I serve a miracle working GOD!!!! Thank you Jesus for what you are going to do in the nations!!!! Revival is just around the corner!!! Believe and receive it!!! Its not time for Christians to be silent but to stand-firm and see the salvation of the LORD JESUS!!!

Father in Heaven, I extend a spiritual canopy over every reader. Your covering hands even reaches to where they are. Let us all be in the shadow of your wings Maybe they have experienced the virus where they are. I pray you bring physical healing over them and their area. Help them to continue to look to GOD for their healing strength!!! May He grant answer all prayers as we take spiritual hands across the word to proclaim healing and salvation over the nations! I proclaim a healing canopy to every reader and I pray in turn that they will pick up the torch!!! Help us GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob I pray in Jesus name by the power of THE HOLY SPIRIT…AMEN!!!

This is your opportunity to join me in praying a spiritual canopy over the US and other nations. GOD is desiring to do a great work. and HE never stops working behind the scenes.

Will you prayerfully consider praying a canopy of healing over the globe. I encourage you to speak over your area and any other that the HOLY SPIRIT puts on your heart. It’s time to spiritually reach our to our brothers and sisters all over the world. Use the comment area to post your prayer covering areas. Please I urge you to join me I cant do it alone….ARMY OF GOD RISE UP!!!

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