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This is my first published post in many months now….In the last several months I have undergone a divorce. That is not what this blog is all about…my blog is about moving on and finding that abundant and overflowing grace that saves, delivers and heals our soul. I am a Spirit-filled believer in Jesus Christ first and foremost. Here I am ready for pour out my heart in a deeper and more intimate ways to My God My Father in heaven, finding strength in His great grace. I want to paint you a picture, where you might get a glimpse on how great God is, and how He desires to lavish his love on His Children through the words I write to you in this blog. He has a great healing and deliverance He wants for all who are His Children, to experiences strength in His grace.

I am excited to share my journey with you through these inspirational postings in that I feel that this gift of grace that I walk in can be your gift as well. I pray that my blog posts will help you and spark and inspire you to rise above the ashes no matter what your season is, and what you are experiencing to find that you as well, are Strong in His Grace…

What do I hope to accomplish is several things: Fulfilling my passion for Jesus through inspired writings directly from the heart of the Father. I desire to encourage and inspire other Christians to hold on and not give in to Satan’s plan for their lives. And finally I pray that others believers see and get that revelation to rise up and allow the Holy Spirit to give each of you a vision of the spirit of the grace of God in Jesus that will instill who you are in Christ. I want to give you the keys to your eternal security whereby you can have a full and abundant life through the deliverance of His grace.

There are believers thinking their going to hell!! Satan has God’s children fighting so much mental anguish. Satan is a verbal bully!!! Its time to put the enemy of our souls in his rightful place. This is not only the time to fight but to find healing rest from that heavy battle, in Jesus’ marvelous name!!!

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